Nowadays customers require fast and efficient self-service portals to satisfy their needs speaking of questions to answer or problem to solve. Salesforce’s Community Cloud platform provides solid solutions for all stages of sales and customer services processes.

Mobilize sales channels and make the deal faster. Connect your distributors, retailers and partners with Partner Communities. Give the power of customers to deepen their experience, share their feedbacks about your products or services or get in touch with each other at Customer Communities. Build a culture of employee collaboration in any devices with Employee Communities.

Outstanding results with Community Cloud:

+45% customer engagement


Outstanding customer engagement. Common goals, common success.

Create a banded social portal for your customers. Save time of customer service, relieve the work amount of the call center while the clients help each other. Meanwhile your agents can focus on the serious, high priority issues. Maximize efficiency of the customer service with integrated knowledge base where employees can find the correct answer quickly or extend the database with new information. Do not leave a question unanswered. Handle upcoming issues proactively with keyword based lookout.

Prepare polls, match customer needs in seconds. Work with retailers in a higher level to sell faster.

Build application now to be efficient at all times.

Portals for partners, employees or customers just in a few clicks. Save time with an integrated solution where you can see everything even on a business trip. Employees and customers will appreciate the effort if they feel their importance, plus the management will have a clear picture of the organization based on exact data.

New era in the company culture. More ideas, better sustainability.

Many leaders admit after a difficult business period the importance of getting more insight of the organization at lower levels would help to avoid the financial lost. Forget fragmented communication channels, managers and employees can work together on efficient customer service, business development and overall success of the company. Increase trust among the staff, describe plans how the team will reach enterprise goals with real-time availability and answers.

Collaborate with distributors. Without silos and limits.

Transparent efficiency of distributors, increased retailer network and easy partner recruitment. What is good for your distributor will be good for your company as well! Declare common goals and help them achieve proactively in the name of common success. Increase the productivity of partners with mobility: Salesforce1 moves to your mobile devices. Partners will be aware of the latest promotions, pricing and availability with real time data sharing. Share leads with distributors in case you are in lack of resources to serve customers in all destinations of the globe.


Meanwhile communication is getting shifted to written form day by day, bigger groups need to build efficient channels for customers, partners and employees.

Check out main features of Salesforce’s collaboration platform or it’s easy to use portal building solution. In some cases one click or frequently updated data worth more than thousand words, internal information sharing or including partners and customers to conversations were never as important as today.


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